Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wednesday 22nd August, 2012
Started at the fish markets at Ueno this morning. It's a different way of doing things . . .  The fish were displayed in the open air market, covered and at least some of the time on ice - but not what you would see in Australia.
After we'd finished at the markets we went into Ueno Park to have lunch. My ability to eat ざるそば zaru soba (cold noodles) with はし hashi (chopsticks) amused some of the locals no end. One fellow stood and watched, clapped and cheered then came and sat down to talk with us.
After that we headed into the Shitamachi Museum and were treated to an おみくじ omikuji or fortune sheet.

In the middle of the park there is a lily pond with the most amazing lilies in it - they are HUGE, about the size of car tyre!
The panda at the zoo was very entertaining, though the exhibits were much smaller than what we find here in Australia. I guess that is because land is so expensive here everything has to be scaled down.

From Ueno we caught the subway to Asakusa to see the shrine and temple there. It has the most amazing avenue of shops leading up to the temple, though we didn't buy much there at all.

We sat on the edge of the Sumida River and listened to a concert from the other side of the river whilst watching the boats and eating icecream.  From Asakusa we caught the water taxi to Odaiba and went back to the onsen for dinner and a soak before heading back to our accommodation.

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