Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tuesday 21st August, 2012
After a slow start to the day doing housekeeping things like washing and charging phones and cameras, we had lunch and headed out.

First stop was Tokyo Dome but to my dismay the rollercoaster was out of order and not running!

After that disappointement we headed over to the Kodokan (Mother School of Judo) in time to see the end of a seminar and the start of the children's session in the main dojo.  Nagai sensei was there taking the class and I said a brief hello to her from upstairs before she had to attend to the class.

We headed back to Fujisawa and Enoshima but arrived too late for the fireworks. Not to be deterred, we decided to go and take pictures of the daibutsu (big Buddha) at Kamakura at night - unfortunately the grounds are closed at night and are alarmed - good thing we saw the signs!!!!!

Not such a good day for actually 'doing' things on our list but still a good day.

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